Our primary service is to offer you high-quality photography at a reasonable cost. We charge a fixed hourly rate, which means that you control the cost. Our images of your Wedding Day are archived at full resolution on to DVD together with a back-up copy and presented in an attractive case. This gives you the flexibility to either return to us for the design and print of your Wedding Book, or you may decide to use an on-line design and print service, or you may prefer to print and mount your images yourself. Once again having the choice means that you control the cost. Your DVD will be posted and you will receive it within one week.

Should you be looking for a total package solution which includes the Wedding Book or perhaps a Wedding Video, we recommend that you make an enquiry to our associate partners which you will find via the useful links at the bottom of this screen.

A wedding is a very fast-paced event. Every effort will be made to capture all of the photographs that you want, but sometimes conditions prevent that from happening. List shots which are important to you, and remember, the best approach for candid photographs is to allow the photographer to follow the Bride and Groom.The photographer will not know the people who are important to you. Take the time, or have someone else take time, to point out important people who you want photographs of. In most cases the photographer will coordinate directly with the Bridal Couple, but it is helpful to designate a responsible person to assist, such as a family member, the Maid of Honour or Best Man. The more organised you are makes for more time for photography.

For photographs which are taken before the ceremony, it is important that the session starts on time and that all needed parties are ready and present. You should think about the photography during the ceremony itself. Some Brides prefer full coverage, but some Officiants do not like flash photography during the ceremony. This is your choice. It is your responsibility to negotiate in advance with the Officiant at the place of Ceremony for the necessary permissions of Flash or Available Light Photography during the Service.

For photographs involving the Limousine etc, make sure you have negotiated a reasonable amount of time for photographs to be taken with the vehicle. Sometimes there may be another wedding on your day, so make sure the chauffeur does not leave prematurely.

The photographer will provide you with a schedule for the photographs before your wedding day, be sure that all those to be photographed are ready and present at the respective locations.

Try to avoid blinking, smoking or chewing gum when the photographs are taken.